10 Winning Poker Hands: How Strong Are You?

Poker is a game of many different parts. There is the betting, the psychology, the luck of the draw, and, of course, the cards. While these elements are essential, the cards ultimately determine who will win and who will lose. This can be frustrating for beginners who often feel like they are at the mercy of Lady Luck.

However, there are certain things that players can do to increase their chances of winning, like paying attention to the odds of each hand. For example, a player holding a pair has approximately a 12% chance of being dealt a set on the next draw. There is, however, only a 1 in 75 probability for a player holding two non-paired cards of being dealt a three-of-a-kind. As such, players should always be aware of the odds when making decisions. By understanding the math behind poker, players can put themselves in a better position to win.

There is no question that poker is a complex game. However, you can learn some essential poker hands, which will almost guarantee you fare very well. This blog post will discuss the ten best hands in poker and how to play them correctly.

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Royal Flushes – The Best Poker Hands

This will always win you the pot. A royal flush is a straight flush that goes from ten to Ace. The only bad thing that can happen with a royal flush is if someone has another royal flush which would be a tie. If you are dealt a royal flush, you should always bet high and try to win as much money as possible.


A Straight Flush – 5 Consecutive Cards of the Same Suit

This hand is similar to a royal flush. It is five cards in a row, all in the same suit. A straight flush is a powerful hand; you should always bet high when you have one. If someone has raised the stakes before you, you should only be careful with this hand. In that case, you should call or fold, depending on the situation.

Four of a Kind – All Four Cards with the Same Value

This hand is also known as quads. It is a solid hand, but higher quads or straight flushes can beat it. If you are dealt quads, you should always bet high and try to win as much money as possible.


A Full House – A Three-of-a-Kind plus a Pair

This hand is also known as a boat. It is a strong hand, but a higher full house or a four-of-a-kind can beat it.

A Flush – Any Five Cards of the Same Suit

This hand is reasonably strong, but a higher flush or any hand above can beat it.

A Straight – Any Five Consecutive Cards

This hand is good, but can be beat by a higher straight or a flush and up.

Three of a Kind – Three Cards with the Same Value

This hand is known as a set. It is a good hand, but a higher set or a full house can beat it.

Two Pair – Two Pairs of Cards

This hand is decent, and a higher two pair, three of a kind, or any stronger hand can beat it. 

One Pair – One Pair of Cards

This hand is OK, but it can be beaten by a higher one pair or almost anything else.

High Card – The Highest Card

This hand is the weakest, but it can still win if you are good.

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Poker is a complex game, but if you know the ten best hands, you will be in an excellent position to win. Always bet high when you have a strong hand and fold when you don’t. The only way to get better at poker is to practice, so sign up with GG Poker today and start playing. Who knows, you might be the next poker champion!